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36 Inch Gas Range

With several modern advancements made in the field of kitchen appliances, gas ranges have been greatly altered from time to time and have become more and more efficient. They have become undeniably better.


Gas ranges are cookers which use natural gas as its fuel source and it is not a new thing in the market, but invented several years back.


The first of all the gas ranges was developed in 1820s but they did not get much recognition at that time.


In 1851, these machines were presented at the Appliance World Fair, Toronto and they were made available commercially only in 1851.


Of course, the appliances available at that time were only basic as compared to those available today. The oven got integrated into its base so that its size got reduced to be suitable for keeping in a household kitchen. 


36” Gas Range - Types


A 36 inch gas range available today use two types of sources of ignition: electric and standing pilot. A standing pilot one has a small flame that continuously burns under its cooktop. When you turn on the stove, the gas gets lighted and it starts flowing out from the burners.


One of the best advantages of a standing pilot 36” gas range is that it is not dependent on any source of power from outside and it is also very simple to use.


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Earlier gas ranges were not having a pilot and they needed to be lighted with matches manually. Sometimes, these kinds of stoves also triggered violent explosions sometimes and to avoid these risks, safety valves have been installed in today’s ovens.


Another variance between different models of 36” gas ranges is whether they are freestanding, or required to be built in to countertop or island.



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Some of the advantages of 36 inch gas ranges include:

  • The burner of a 36” gas range cooks the food well.
  • The flame of the burner can be modified for a boil or low simmer.
  • In case of power failure, it can still be used.
  • Food may be cooked with ease.
  • A 36 inch gas range is much easier to be cleaned as compared to its counterparts.
  • It also has a better system of temperature control which results in better quality of cooked food.



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Today’s gas ranges are safe for the environment also and are very convenient to use. Things to consider while purchasing a 36” gas range include first, measuring the designated location in your kitchen to ensure that 36 inches is the correct size. Also keep in mind the reputation of the manufacturer and supplier and don’t forget to read the online reviews.



Some of the popular and reputable brand names include Maytag, Wolf, Tappan, Frigidaire, to name a few. Many of these are featured in the links above, in association with Amazon. Good luck shopping!